The Process of Building Rock Climbing Walls...


  • LECW will create a 3-D scale model of your climbing wall or we can collaborate with Futurist Climbing (add link) to create a Sketch-Up design.


  • Our projects come with stamped structural engineering by Next Level Engineers based in Denver, CO (link) They will engineer your design for your specific building.


  • The framework of our climbing walls is constructed of MIG welded 2 x 2x 3/16” angle iron 24” on center. The steel is welded on site by certified welders. The steel is sourced from local suppliers ensuring timely delivery and construction with no delays.
  • LECW sheaths the framing with ¾” AC or BC grade plywood. The plywood is attached with self-drilling screws or pneumatic fasteners every 8”. All seams between framing members are blocked with 2” x 4” stock.
  • Our typical t-nut spacing is 8” x 8” for roped climbing and 6” x 6” for bouldering.
  • LECW seals and primes the plywood with oil-based primer. The surface is textured with LECW’s proprietary spray-able acrylic concrete which is then troweled and sanded to produce a skin friendly super durable surface…